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10. Radical Fluorosulfonylation: Accessing Alkenylsulfonyl Fluorides from Alkenes and Alkynes
Xingliang Nie, Saihu Liao,* Synlett 2021, DOI: 10.1055/a-1700-6453 (SYNPACTS)


9. Electrochemical Oxo-Fluorosulfonylation of Alkynes under Air: A Facile Access to β-Keto Sulfonyl Fluorides

    Dengfeng Chen, Xingliang Nie, Qingyuan Feng, Yingyin Zhang, Yiheng Wang, Qiuyue Wang, Lin Huang, Shenlin Huang,* Saihu Liao,* Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.  2021, doi:10.1002/anie.202112118


8. Organocatalytic Stereoselective Cationic Polymerization of Vinyl Ethers by Employing a Confined Brønsted Acid as the Catalyst

    Zan Yang, Xun Zhang, Yu Jiang, Qiang Ma, Saihu Liao,* Science China Chemistry, doi: 10.1007/s11426-021-1143-x

   See the earlier preprint posted on ChemRxiv on 2021-10-04, see ChemRxiv doi: 10.33774/chemrxiv-2021-qlpb. PDF  


7. Introducing A New Class of Sulfonyl Fluoride Hubs via Radical Chloro-Fluorosulfonylation of Alkynes

    Xingliang Nie, Tianxiao Xu, Yuhao Hong, Honghai Zhang, Chenxi Mao, Saihu Liao,* Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.  2021, 60, 22035-22042. PDF  

    *Selected as "Hot Paper"; highlighted in WileyChem.


6. Photocatalytic Divergent Decarboxylative Amination: A Metal-Free Access to Aliphatic Amines and Hydrazines

    Xianli Shu, Ruting Xu, Saihu Liao* Sci. China Chem. 2021, doi:10.1007/s11426-021-1048-4. PDF


5. Metal-Free Cationic Polymerization of Vinyl Ethers with Strict Temporal Control by Employing an Organophotocatalyst

    Xun Zhang, Yu Jiang, Qiang Ma, Siping Hu, and Saihu Liao,* J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2021, 143, 6357-6362. PDF

    * Highlighted in Synfacts. link


4. Visible light-regulated organocatalytic ring-opening polymerization of lactones by harnessing excited state acidity

    Xun Zhang, Qiang Ma, Yu Jiang, Siping Hu, Junfang Li, Saihu Liao,* Polym. Chem. 2021, 12, 885-892. PDF

    * Selected as Polymer Chemistry Author of the Month. link


3. Metal-free atom transfer radical polymerization with ppm catalyst loading under sunlight

    Qiang Ma, Jinshuai Song, Xun Zhang, Yu Jiang, Li Ji, Saihu Liao,* Nat. Commun. 2021, 12, 429. PDF

    *Highlighted by Nature Review Chemistry. Link


2. Recent Advances in Palladium-Catalyzed Bridging C–H Activation by Using Alkenes, Alkynes or Diazo Compounds as Bridging Reagents

    Fulin Zhang+, Luoting Xin+, Yinghua Yu, Saihu Liao,* Xueliang Huang,* Synthesis 2021, 53, 238–254. PDF


1. Radical Fluorosulfonylation: Accessing Alkenyl Sulfonyl Fluorides from Alkenes

    Xingliang Nie, Tianxiao Xu, Jinshuai Song, Anandkumar Devaraj, Bolun Zhang, Yong Chen,  Saihu Liao,* Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2021, 60, 3956–3960. PDF 

    *Highlighted by WileyChem, X-Mol.



6. Decarboxylative thiolation of redox-active esters to free thiols and further diversification

    Tianpeng Cao, Tianxiao Xu, Ruting Xu, Xianli Shu, Saihu Liao,* Nat. Commun. 2020, 11:5340. PDF

     Featured in Org. Chem. Highlights.


5. Accessing alkyl boronic esters via visible light-mediated decarboxylative addition reactions of redox-active esters

    Xianli Shu, Ruting Xu, Qiang Ma and Saihu Liao,* Org. Chem. Front. 2020, 7, 2003–2007. PDF


4. Visible light-mediated ring-opening polymerization of lactones based on the excited state acidity of ESPT molecules

    Xun Zhang, Siping Hu, Qiang Ma, and Saihu Liao,* Polym. Chem. 2020, 11, 3709–3715. PDF


3. Decarboxylative Thiolation of Redox-Active Esters to Thioesters by Merging Photoredox and Copper Catalysis

    Tianxiao Xu, Tianpeng Cao, Mingcheng Yang, Ruting Xu, Xingliang Nie, and Saihu Liao,* Org. Lett. 2020, 22, 3692–3695. PDF


2. Metal-free dehydrosulfurization of thioamides to nitriles under visible light

    Tianxiao Xu+, Tianpeng Cao+, Qingyuan Feng, Shenlin Huang,* and Saihu Liao,* Chem. Commun. 2020, 56, 5151–5153. PDF


1. Imidodiphosphorimidate (IDPi) as an Efficient Organocatalyst for Controlled/Living Ring-Opening Polymerization of Lactones

    Xun Zhang, Yu Jiang, Qiang Ma, Siping Hu, Qinggang Wang, and Saihu Liao,* Eur. Polym. J. 2020, 123: 109449. PDF




6. BINOLs as Visible Light Photocatalyst for Metal-Free Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization

    Qiang Ma, Xun Zhang, Li Ji, Saihu Liao,* Polym. Chem. 2019, 10, 6662-6668. PDF


5. Visible-Light-Induced Deaminative Thioesterification of Amino Acid Derived Katritzky Salts via Electron Donor–Acceptor Complex Formation

    Mingcheng Yang, Tianpeng Cao, Tianxiao Xu, Saihu Liao,* Org. Lett. 2019, 21, 8673–8678. PDF


4. Copper-Catalyzed Nitrogenation of Aromatic and Aliphatic Aldehydes: A Direct Route to Carbamoyl Azides 

    Rongbiao Wei, Liang Ge, Hongli Bao, Saihu Liao,* Yajun Li,* Synthesis 2019, 51, 4645–4649. PDF


3. A Rapid Access to Aliphatic Sulfonyl Fluorides

    Ruting Xu, Tianxiao Xu, Mingcheng Yang, Tianpeng Cao, Saihu Liao,* Nat. Commun. 2019, 10, 3752. PDF


2. An Efficient and Mild Route to Highly Fluorinated Polyolefins via Copolymerization of Ethylene and 5-Perfluoroalkylnorbornenes

    Li Ji+, Jia-Shuai Liu+, Xiao-Yan Wang, Jun-Fang Li, Zhou Chen, Saihu Liao,* Xiu-Li Sun,* Yong Tang, Polym. Chem. 2019, 10, 3604–3609. PDF


1. A Synthesis of Multifunctionalized Indoles from [3 + 2] Annulation of 2‑Bromocyclopropenes with Anilines

    Zhu Cao+, Jian-Bo Zhu+, Lijia Wang,* Saihu Liao,* Yong Tang, Org. Lett. 2019, 21, 4097–4100. PDF



1. Photoexcited Perylene Diimide Radical Anions for the Reduction of Aryl Halides: A Bay-substituent Effects

    Hai-Xian Gong, Zhu Cao, Saihu Liao, Mei-Jin Lin*, Org. Chem. Front. 2018, 5, 2296–2302. PDF


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26.  Mattia Riccardo Monaco, D Fazzi, Nobuya Tsuji, Markus Leutzsch, Saihu Liao, W Thiel, Benjamin List*, The Activation of Carboxylic Acids via Self-Assembly Asymmetric Organocatalysis: A Combined Experimental and Computational Investigation, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2016, 138, 14740-14749. PDF


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19. Peng Wang, Saihu Liao, Jian-Bo Zhu and Yong Tang*, Double γ-alkylation of allylic phosphorus ylides: a unique access to oxa-bicyclic[3.3.0] diene skeletons, Chem. Commun., 2014, 50, 808-810. PDF  

18. Pan Wang, Wen-Jie Tao, Xiu-Li Sun, Saihu Liao* and Yong Tang*, A Highly Efficient and Enantioselective Intramolecular Cannizzaro Reaction under TOX/Cu(II) Catalysis, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2013, 135, 16849-16852. PDF (Highlighted by SynFacts)

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15. Jian-Bo Zhu, Peng Wang, Saihu Liao*, and Yong Tang*, Ylide Hydrolysis in Tandem Reactions: A Highly Z/E-Selective Access to 3-Alkylidene Dihydrobenzofurans and Related Analogues, Org. Lett., 2013, 15, 3054-3057. PDF

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11. Organocatalytic PET-RAFT Polymerization with ppm of Organic Photocatalyst under Visible Light
Qiang Ma, Xun Zhang, Yu Jiang, Junqiang Lin, Bernadette Graff, Siping Hu, Jacques Lalevée,* Saihu Liao,* Polym. Chem. 2021, DOI: 10.1039/D1PY01431E