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2020-12-08: Congratulations to Qiang Ma! After three years of hard work, the ODA catalysts finally got their debut on Nat. Commun. A superb organocatalyst for light-regulated ATRP! The second generation of the ODA catalysts will come soon...


2020-12-05: Congratulations to Xingliang! The radical fluorosufonylation work is highlighted by WileyChem.

2020-11-22: Dr. Peng Wang join our group as a Postdoctoral Fellow! Welcome!


2020-11-16: Congratulations to Xingliang! The angew paper is now online. See the paper.

2020-11-12: Congratulations to Tianxiao! Got a PhD offer from Germany! We wish you a great success in the future!

2017-09-01 The lab is almost ready. Welcome our new members: ZhangXun, Tianpeng, JiangYu, and Ruting.

2016-12-12 Professor Longwu Ye visited us and gave a talk on selective transformation of alkynes.

2016-09-01 Li Ji and Zhu Cao join the group as master students.

2022-09-01 Here we are:

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