About Us


Our lab is located in the Yanghongyao Building, Fuzhou University. Our research interest is the application of organocatalysis and photocatalysis in small molecule and polymer synthesis, with further extension to medicinal chemistry and materials science.


Open Positions for Postdoc

There is a postdoc position now available (RMB 200,000 - 400,000/year)! Qualified candidates  (need first-author publications on organic chemistry or polymer chemistry) are welcome to apply. Please contact Prof. Liao by email with CV and research summary.

PhD Position Available! (2021-09 entry)

There is a PhD position available since next September! Qualified candidates (in particular with a background of polymer chemistry) are welcome to apply. Please contact Prof. Liao by email with CV and research summary before 2021-03-28.

Recent Group News


After a half-a-year tour, the divergent decarboxylative amination paper is finally accepted by SCIENCE CHINA Chemistry! It is an excellent work! Congratulations to Xianli and Ruting! Link.


Congratulations to Xun Zhang! The work on "Metal-Free Cationic Polymerization of Vinyl Ethers with Strict Temporal Control by Employing an Organophotocatalyst" now is online in JACS, see the paper


Congratulations to Prof. Liao and Xun Zhang! The work on polymerization via excited-state proton transfer catalysis has been highlighted by Polymer Chemistry Blog as the Author of the Month. For details, please see the page


2021-01-18: The metal-free ATRP under sunlight is now online: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-020-20645-8.  Congratulations to Qiang Ma again! This work has been highlighted by Nature Reviews Chemistry. Link.


Congratulations to Xun Zhang! The second paper on excited-state proton transfer catalysis in polymerization is now online: https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2021/py/d0py01715a. In this work, we achieved much better temporal control on the polymerization and higher efficiency. PyOH, a magic & dual functional molecule! 


Congratulations to Qiang Ma! After three years of hard work, the ODA catalysts finally got their debut on Nat. Commun. A superb organocatalyst for light-regulated ATRP! The second generation of the ODA catalysts will come soon...


Congratulations to Xingliang! The radical fluorosufonylation work is highlighted by WileyChem.



Dr. Peng Wang join our group as a Postdoctoral Fellow! Welcome!


Congratulations to Xingliang! The angew paper is now online. See the paper.


Congratulations to Tianxiao! Got a PhD offer from Germany! We wish you a great success in future!